1Will my medical aid cover the cost of my surgery and hospital stay?
You will have to confirm with your medical insurance if they pay for your surgery. You will be provided with a quotation of my practice’s expected charge. This fee includes the assistant surgeon and my fee for the surgical procedure and my fee for the peri-operative care both in hospital and follow-up visits for the first 6 weeks. We are unable to confirm what your medical aid will pay. You will have to confirm this with them. Should you be on a Discovery Classic plan, there will be no shortfall due to a provider agreement with them.
2How long will my hospital stay be?
Staying in the hospital after spinal surgery can last between one to five days, depending on the complexity of the procedure, the health of the patient and the history of prior related health conditions.
3Is a postoperative brace required?
After your procedure, Dr Szabo can determine whether a brace is necessary. The patient’s bone density and the type of procedure undergone determine whether a brace is required. For example, Dr Szabo may request a neck brace after cervical spinal fusion. But after cervical spinal fusion, you can expect neck stiffness which should subside in time.
4Is rehabilitation always necessary after surgery?
Dr Szabo will refer you to a physiotherapist based on the status of your spine health. If it is difficult to care for yourself at home, your doctor will request you undergo care at a rehabilitation facility.