Bodily injuries often have long term consequences and you have a right to claim compensation for these injuries as well as for the costs of any medical treatment which you have received or may have to undergo in the future.

Dr Szabo is a specialist orthopaedic surgeon with 15 years of experience and a leading expert to provide you with a quality, cost effective end to end medico legal assessment and reporting service. He has completed the training course and he is certified by the American College of Disability Medicine and the American Board of Independent Medical Examiners (ABIME) to able to provide Whole Person Impairment Assessments (WPI). WPI is new way of assessing injuries and disabilities and only medical reports compiled by an ABIME certified expert are accepted for claiming compensation from the Road Accident Fund.

Dr Szabo offers expert assessment of Personal Injury Claims of all types including road traffic accidents, trips & slips, occupational accidents, dog-bites, medical negligence, and third party claims instituted against the Road Accident Fund. Some of the services include but are not limited to:

  • Independent Medical Examinations
  • Independent Medical Assessments
  • Injury Management Consultation
  • Medical Negligence Examinations & Reports
  • Pre-employment Medicals & Assessments
  • Fitness To Continue Assessments
  • Workers Compensation Examinations & Reporting
  • Specialised Secondary Assessments and Reports
  • File Evaluations And Reviews
  • Litigation Support Expert Witness Services

How To Claim?


Medical reports can be requested and prepared for medico-legal purposes. The most frequent claims relate to injuries sustained in motor vehicle accidents, for which a claim against the Road Accident Fund has been instituted. Other contexts include assessments for the purposes of of Personal Injury Claims of all types including accidents at public places, trips & slips, dog-bites, occupational accidents, medical negligence.

We deal only with attorneys. We will not provide medico-legal reports unless briefed by an attorney. Patients should not contact us directly for medico-legal reports. The attorney requesting the examination and report must sign a contract with practice prior to the patient being seen.

The practice will act for either plaintiff or defendant. Our reports are objective and unbiased. We serve to advise the Court and do not pander to the interests of plaintiff or defendant.



A schedule of fees may be obtained from the practice. Attorneys are advised to ascertain the expected costs of the examination and report. Fees are in line with the standard of the service and expertise provided and may be substantial.